The photos

The photos shown are a small selection of those in the album and the larger mounted pictures. It is unclear whether the mounted photos are connected to the album in any way other than the bag that they came in. All were discovered when clearing a partially burnt-out shed in Witney, Oxfordshire in June 2011.

Photo A is mounted on card.  It came with two others: the teams for 1928-29 and 1929-30. One common name is H.A.S. Greenhill. Photo B appears to show the same man as a master at a prep school soon after leaving college.

The remaining 10 snaps (photos C to L) are all from the tattered album.

It is difficult to imagine anyone will identify the subject of photo M. To my eye it is a boy or young man playing a female part in a school play. I immediately thought I recognised the slightly haunted look that accompanies wearing a big dress when you are aged 13 or so. Maybe that should be 'hunted look'. I speak from personal experience of Madame Jourdain in Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme and Grusha Vashadze's mother in The Caucasian Chalk Circle.

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Can You Help?

Please take a few minutes to look at these photos. Are they your relatives in the pictures? They are all believed to have been taken in the 1930s.

If you are contacting me please refer to the image reference number in your message.



Photo AUniversity College, Nottingham, football team 1930-31 Photo BIs this H.A.S. Greenhill as a master at a prep school soon after? Photo CUncaptioned. Who are happy couple? Newlyweds? Photo DUncaptioned. (Inset created for this web page) Girl with rabbit. Probably in the same garden as photos E and H. Photo EWhitsun 1935. Captioned:'The Boss'. An indication that he is the husband of the album maker? Or the main clergyman at the church? There are pictures of various churches in the album. Photo FCaptioned 'A Spot Of Quiet Wooing', under the heading 'Scarborough August 1935'. Photo GCaptioned: 'Is This Tea?' May be on the same day in 1935 as the Scarborough photos since a coach trip between the two towns also features. Photo HCaptioned: 'Growing Old Gracefully'. Whitsun 1935. Probably in the same garden as the girl with the rabbit and Rev G Sprittles. Photo ICaption: 'The Old Home'. Easter 1933. Same page has Benwell Church in Norfolk, a Suffolk Church and Colchester Castle. Photo JScarborough - August 1935? Caption: 'Room For One'. Detail enlarged and enhanced for this web page. Photo KCaption: 'You Lusty Men'. This is an enhanced zoom on the original snapshot. Scarborough August 1935. Photo LWhitsun 1935. Caption: 'Rev G Sprittles'. Formal name suggests a visitor not a family member Photo MProbably the most difficult to identify. Along with a few others this is a mounted image, all apparently from the same dramatic production. Male or female?

Please send a message if you can contribute anything to finding a living relative of anyone in the photos, or just want more info. And to complete the 'life imitating art' idea, the album also has snaps of the Lake District, which plays such an important part in A Habit Of Dying.


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Update on Progress

From Sarah Spink: HAS Greenhill, schoolmaster, has been tracked to 14 Eglington Avenue Hull in 1947; also likely to have taught at Nottingham High, Carre's Grammar Sleaford & Malet Lambert, Hull; may have married Florence Stott in 1939;  possible children may be Colin and Margaret.
More personal details have been found but will not be made public. If you are Colin or Margaret or one of their children or know them then please get in touch.

Rev G Sprittles info at TNA:

Investigation by Sarah (@EastMarple1 on Twitter and EastMarple1 on Flickr) continues. Her enthusisasm and diligence in research is much appreciated, let's hope it leads to a new home being found for all the photos.

From David Vickers: HAS Greenhill birthdate is proposed as March qtr 1909 Marylebone by David (@Reminiscene_ on Twitter) who also suggests the Rev G Sprittles might be George Sprittles, incumbent of Forest Town, St Alban 1929-35.

 Reminiscene have a whole project dedicated to finding new owners for lost photograph albums. Their involvement in this particular quest is appreciated.

October 2015 Garry Humphreys writes: This is Canon George Sprittles, Rector and Rural Dean of Bulwell, Nottingham in the 1950s/60s and Canon of Southwell Cathedral. I knew him.