Can you help find a home for these photos?

Please take a look at the photos - they may be your grandparents or great grandparents. If they are not then please pass the message on and let's see if we can find a living relative.

Sound familiar? Yes, it is how Lydia Siverstream starts off in A Habit Of Dying. Just click on the picture to go to the gallery and more info.


 "If there is one gift that a child should always be blessed with it must surely be imagination. Whatever the problem, however bad the circumstances, however hungry and cold you might be, in one bound, one mighty leap of imagination, you are FREE. It may be short-lived freedom, but it is always better than being forever caged."


Welcome to the website! Some of the functions previously assigned here have been overtaken by the DJ Wiseman facebook page, so if you're looking for the most recent info you're might find it there. But now you're here, browse the pages and see if the family history info is what you're after, or details about some older published writings, or even finding a home for the lost photo albums.



June 2018

Those lovely people at Retreat West chose Unforgettable as the winning flash fiction!

Unforgettable wins Retreat West flash fiction comeptition